SportsEngine Registration: Ramsey Baseball and Softball Association

2019 Spring Registration


Welcome to the 2019 Spring Registration with the Ramsey Baseball and Softball Association.

This registration will allow you to provide contact information, sign consents and submit payment.  Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.


Please direct questions to:

Matthew G Miller


Phone: 201-264-0531

Spring Season Baseball Information

Fees Age Requirement –Birth Dates* through 1/6/19 through 2/3/19 from 2/4/19
Clinic Rookies (9/1/13 thru 8/31/14) $45.00 $75.00 $75.00
Clinic (9/1/12 thru 8/31/13) or Kindergarten $45.00 $75.00 $75.00
Tee-Ball (9/1/11 thru 8/31/12) or 1st grade $60.00 $90.00 $90.00
Tiny Tim – 8 (9/1/10 thru 8/31/11) or 2nd grade $85.00 $115.00 $135.00
Tiny Tim – 9 (9/1/09 thru 8/31/10) or 3rd grade $85.00 $115.00 $135.00
Little League (9/1/06 thru 8/31/09) $100.00 $130.00 $150.00
Babe Ruth (9/1/03 thru 8/31/06) or 7th – 9th grade $100.00 $130.00 $130.00
Challenger Ages 6-18 or completion of school $35.00 $50.00 $50.00

Spring Season Softball Information

Fees Age through 1/6/19 through 2/3/19 from 2/4/19
Clinic Rookies (9/1/13 thru 8/31/14) $45.00 $75.00 $75.00
Clinic (9/1/12 thru 8/31/13) or Kindergarten $45.00 $75.00 $75.00
Tee-Ball 1st grade $60.00 $90.00 $90.00
Belles 2nd grade $85.00 $115.00 $135.00
Debutantes 3rd - 4th grade $85.00 $115.00 $135.00
Juniors 5th - 6th grade $100.00 $130.00 $150.00
Seniors 7th - 8th grade $100.00 $130.00 $150.00
Challenger Ages 6-18 or completion of school $35.00 $50.00 $50.00

Boys age/grade cut-offs and financial hardship

  • The RBSA implemented SIGNIFICANT changes in age eligibility rules for the Boys effective in 2016.  Those changes will continue for the 2019 season.  Please go to for full details.

** LITTLE LEAGUE (this applies to league age 10-12 boys only): All players not on Major League teams in 2018 must attend a mandatory player evaluation (see times on back of this form) after which a selection process will determine which league your child will be placed in. The Major League, in general, is a more competitive league. If you are not interested in being considered for this league, please indicate by circling the line for MINOR LEAGUE ONLY and do not attend the evaluation.  If you cannot attend the evaluation please notify Matt Miller at 201-264-0531.  

The RBSA is run by volunteers. The Association depends on parent participation to provide our youngsters with the proper instruction, so that they may reach the goals of learning sound fundamentals and good sportsmanship. It is expected that EVERY family will work at least one snack stand shift for each child in the RBSA program. Please indicate below if you are interested in coaching as well.


*** The Ramsey Baseball & Softball Association sponsors four scholarship funds annually, two for a graduating senior girl and two for a graduating senior boy from Ramsey High School. If you would like to contribute $5 to this fund please add this amount to your league fee.

Financial Hardship - It is the policy of the Ramsey Baseball & Softball Association and Little League Baseball Incorporated that no child shall be denied the right to play because of an inability to pay a fee. If a financial issue is keeping you from registering, please contact John Dugan (201-818-0678), or Matt Miller (201-264-0531). All communication will be confidential.

All registrations must have medical forms (on reverse side) completed. All first time RBSA registrants must attach a copy of their birth certificate to the application.

The Ramsey Baseball & Softball Association would like to welcome everyone to another season. Our monthly meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 8:00 pm at the Ramsey Senior Center at Finch Park. Meetings are open to the public. We invite you to attend and welcome your suggestions and involvement.